Starz Caption Contest Entries

So I entered the new Starz Caption Contest. This one’s theme is Athlete, which in all honesty is one of my favorite styles of girls. Its about where I aim to get my body to. I know it can never be a truly chic feminine body, but maybe a lean athletic girlish build. Here’s hoping. Also it sets up such delicious story lines.

Well without any more wait, here are my caption entries. Enjoy!

Basketball GameBrainwashed Bimboed CheerleaderBuddy CheerleaderCheer Camp

Goals of 2017 (Updated 6/26)

Posted this back in January on Blogger so I figured now that I’m moving it to this site I’ll update it with where I am at now. Everything in Purple is my update on my current progress on said goal. Hopefully in a few months can update again and actually complete some of them. 

Okay so here goes the traditional goals of the new year. Hopefully by putting them out there it will keep me driven towards them and feel more responsible for fulfilling them. So here it goes:

1. Post More Content

The most important goal. I really need to start posting more to this site. I’m working on some captions now. Hopefully I can get a good archive made up within the week or two that I can start trickling out on a consistent basis. Also want to start working on a roadmap/challenges section that guides myself and others down the road of feminization.

(6/26): Have entered a couple of caption contests recently and am currently working on a few captions as I type this. As for the roadmap/challenges, I’ve come up with a few, but am still a few ways off of anything cohesive to post. Maybe by end of July.

2. Trachea Shave

Okay so I know this is a big one and don’t have the money for it just yet but it is something I’ve been wanting to get for some time now and need to start making it a reality. If possible it would come more towards the end of the year. I really need this if I want to be able to fully pass. My adam’s apple is far too obtrusive at the moment and such a bad giveaway.

(6/26) Sadly no progress. Finances keeping me down at the moment.

3. Finish First Feminine Cosplay

Random I know but another thing I’ve been thinking of for a while and want to make a reality. I’m in love with the cosplay community and how girls can change themselves into the characters I love. So naturally I want to join in. Slowly to start off, just one or two for the year. Maybe more if I get on a roll. To start I’m thinking of definitely Android 18, maybe Raven from Teen Titans.

(6/26) Assembled most of the costume for Android 18, but a bit hesitant about wearing it out. Maybe with an added red scarf or something. Need to look into a different character that hides me more, such as Raven to a degree.

4. Publish My First Book

Another large goal but something that needs to happen sooner than later. I’ve been planning out a few stories over the past months and now want to turn atleast one of them into a full fledged book published onto Amazon.

(6/26) Have one book fully outlined and have begun writing it. Fleshed out the ideas for four more books, some with nearly finished outlines.


I want a sweet girly butt. Something that will remind me of who I am at all times.

(6/26) Got back into working out, but still a long ways to go.

6. Everyday Makeup

So this is a tough one. I’m still not well experienced at applying makeup so that will be the first step. Once I get a hang of it I want to start wearing some traces at all times except for work. Initially just some foundation to even out imperfections, then light lipstick and eyeshadow, then onto eyeliner and mascara. By the end of the year I want my face completely made up before I start the day. Nothing dramatic but more natural I guess.

(6/26) Been practicing off and on, but still lots of room for improvement haha. At least have had my face fully made up a few times when I went out to stores or for walks so there is some improvement.

7. Hair

So this is a multiple part goal and one I have made steps towards already. First off would be to be completely shaved at all times. I have done this a few times in the past year but need to keep it up. Next is to grow my hair out and achieve a feminine hair style. Again made some headway here also. Got it cut a few weeks back into kind of a pixie style, albeit shorter than I desired. But its looking like a good base to build from for the rest of the year.

(6/26) Since it’s summer now I’m still nervous to keep everything shaved. BUT, I’ve been growing my hair out all years and the back half is down to my shoulders and the rest reaches my mouth so it’s getting there. Going to get it trimmed and styled next month. Any ideas would be great!

8. Outside Wardrobe

I need to start wearing my vast woman’s wardrobe more often and out of the apartment more. I have for a few occasions with not too many bad consequences so I see no reason to keep myself from experiencing it more. Again, starting more subtely and with very casual clothes.

(6/26) Been out and about with various amounts of women’s clothes I’d say at least 20 times this year so far. Again, haven’t really had too many bad receptions so am working towards wearing more. Even went to my Jury Duty with a woman’s shirt, blazer, and panties on with some light makeup. 

9. Feminine Roadtrip Vacation

Last but not least I want to take a week or so off from work and go on a full woman’s vacation. Figure I can go on a mini roadtrip to another state and stay in a hotel for the time. From start to end though I will only be my feminine self. I wont even bring any of my male stuff with me. If I can pull this off it will most likely be next fall so I can bundle myself up a little to hide some of my masculinity but still warm to enjoy being outside. Maybe I can even get some tan lines out of it all 🙂 . Also considering, depending how my hair is by then, to stopping off at a salon on my way out of town and getting a full makeover. New hairdo or extensions, mani-pedi, Cute makeup, the works. Again though this will require quite a bit of saving money wise that I don’t really have at the moment. So with that in mind some of these goals might have to take a back seat depending how that situation pans out.

(6/26) Again, financially not looking like this is happening this year. Also work has really picked up and can’t really take a week off any time soon so that limits it a bit. But this is definitely something that needs to happen. 

10. Make Friends in the Feminine World

To add to my existing 9 goals, I’d like to make some true friends within this community, both online and in real life. Would love to know someone nearby that I could go on shopping excursions with or fun little trips out in our femme selves. Being a bit of a shut-in kinda limits this goal for me, but thats what this list is about, pushing my limits and normal self for something new and possibly better.

So there it all is. My 9 main goals of the year. Hopefully every few months I can put an update post on my progress and any new goals that arise. Now I just have to stick with them, the hardest part, especially the first goal. Really need to start focusing on the blog more and I promise I will this time. No more slip ups!!

Second Hotel Adventure

OK, so two weekends ago I went on my second adventure to a hotel to enjoy a full fem day and I ended up having such an awesome time. There’s especially a few memories that will stick with me for some time that will help spur me on further along with bringing a smile to my face. But before I get ahead of myself, let me begin. (Side Note: I apologize for the quality of my pictures. Was my first time really trying selfies 🙂

Arrival Outfit

Not much eventful really happened during my arrival, but I did dress up low-key at least. Nothing really feminine, but everything was from the women’s section, especially the bright yellow panties underneath. Luckily I got a room on the third floor at the very end looking over the highway so I kept the curtains open all night to showcase my escapades lol. Actually this also created a fun challenge for me because I had so many bags of clothing in the car that it would take multiple trips to extract, which meant multiple trips down the stairs in different outfits. Sadly I didn’t have the courage to take the elevator except for the final trip. So anyway, as soon as I got into the room I inserted my medium sized round butt plug to set the mood. And I have to say the company’s definition of “medium” for this thing was not the same for their other plugs, ouch. Threw on my pushup b-cup sports bra and 600g silicone breast forms, silicone padded panties, put on my Britney Spears greatest hits and began a small fashion show with the little I had for now.

First Outfit

This outfit I really loved. It was the first one I put together during the night and it was an instant hit to me. Put on a short light brown wig, a little bb cream to smooth over my face, and some light lipstick and I was floored. I couldn’t believe that was me. Really brought up some interesting feelings. Excitement I guess along with shock and a whole bunch of others. It was something I could probably get used to, especially seeing the longer hair on me. So I sneaked my way outside, not many people were there at this time I guess, through the side stairwell and recovered more bags from the car.

My makeup outfit. I don’t know why but when I put this one on I felt so elegant, girly, feminine that I just sat in front of the mirror trying on all different types of makeup. I was so enthralled for some reason and loved every second of it. Just wish I shaved my legs lol, next time. Unfortunately I didn’t risk going out wearing this.

Rebel Outfit

My “rebel outfit” lol. Leather tights, leather heeled boots, and tight leather jacket. To top it off with sultry fiery red hair. But what really did it for me was the “Tom Boy” shirt underneath. It was like an inside joke to myself wearing that, yet at the same time feeling so hot.

Casual Outfit

And now for my most memorable outfit of the night. I know its a much more casual everyday girl look, but its “normal”-factor helped push me to be more risky with it. But besides that I had the most memorable positive moments and encounter with this one 🙂 .
Right so I left the room and went out my usual way down the stairs. At the end of the stairs there an extra door you go through and then you can either turn and go through to the lobby/living area or go straight through the glass door outside. Just as I reach the door I see an old couple struggling through the ice and snow to get in. So I held the door open and helped them keep their footing/balance to reach past the entrance. I was just acting instinctively at the moment so I forgot wait I was wearing until it was all done. They kindly gave me their thanks and much gratitude, the whole time looking at me and what I was wearing. The man even turned before I left to pat my shoulder thanking me while looking directly in my eyes and examining my face, yet there was no fuss, no shocked look, just a warm smile. That moment is really what made that night so special. The non-recognition all while helping people out as I would normally do. So many emotions went through me as I walked to my car. It didn’t even matter if I passed perfectly or not, but the fact that even if they saw through it they were still accepting with a bright smile.
This moment really helped me on the way back in because when I went back the door to the stairs was jammed a little. So after a few moments I gave up and walked through the front lobby, past the main desk, and onto the elevator back to my room. Again no weird looks, no remarks, just a young woman going about her business within the crowd, well not really a crowd just a few scattered people.
Oh yea I forgot, to really build on that moment when I was leaving after I checked out I ended up running into the same couple as they were heading from the breakfast bar. I made eye contact with both of them and yet there was nothing except when I saw the small spark light up the man’s eye at the last second as we passed. The glimmer of recognition. I had the biggest smile after that. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to. That delay in his look meant to me that I had passed. Even after looking into my face the night before it still took some time to put the two together to determine me as a boy was the me as a girl with long hair.

Below is another outfit I had taken a picture of:

So I know through this entire story/adventure there wasn’t much description of my sexual activity and that is simply because there wasn’t much. As odd as it may seem I never really got overly sexually aroused, well I guess atleast in the masculine sense. I mean I was pretty limp through this whole thing which was very surprising considering how excited and hot I was. So this instance has been flowing in the back of my mind since. Has there been a change sexually for me, just a coincidence, mental rewiring? Oh before I forget though, I did enjoy my nice 8″ new dildo and fake cum lube. Fully dressed and madeup, sucking until it was soaked and ready to be inserted into my presenting ass, mmmm… so nice. Truly an experience 😉 At this time I had my red wig on along with a figure hugging lace trimmed black dress that just looked so elegant. Really heightened the joy of that moment, but I forgot to get pictures of any of that regrettably.
Thank you anybody who has read all this, I hope you enjoyed it. I might be missing some pieces to the story but that was the main stuff. Thank you everyone at Sissy Social for the ideas and encouragement, it all really helped. And I have to thank Torry/Cintia. I know it was a long time ago when we first spoke, but seeing you have the courage to post pictures of yourself helped give me that last needed little push to do so myself.

Moving to WordPress

Well I know I don’t post too often and what not but I’m going to be moving my blog over to wordpress like most others are doing. Maybe the change in scenery will help spur me on to more posting. The new site can be found at:

PS. I went on another hotel adventure this past weekend and will posting all about it. Just trying to focus all my wondrous memories and thoughts of the day 🙂  Thanks everyone at SissySocial for the ideas and encouragement from last time. I made sure I got some pics this time. They’re not the best but its a start.

Hotel Adventure Alone & Self Realizations

Hi everyone. So a few months back I ended up booking a hotel for a night to get away and fully fem out. Well actually I did this twice, but I kind of got nervous and cancelled the first time. But now I’m so glad I followed up and actually went the second time. I didn’t actually go on vacation anywhere or anything, just went a few counties over, far enough away from anyone or thing I know.
As per usual when I get caught up in the feminine world I went on a shopping spree to prepare for the trip. First were my standbys of ordering from Wet Seal and Forever 21. Next were intermittent trips to Target, Walmart, drug stores for food, makeup, some more clothing. Then lastly was the most exciting purchases from Amazon. Here I ended up ordering another dildo, lube that mimics cum, another buttplug, breast forms (about 36C i guess), fake earings, and finally some bubble bath.
So the weekend finally arrived after a long week of waiting. Sadly nothing of interest really happened in the lead up to getting the key to the room and getting in. Was funny though carrying in my unopened boxes from girly clothing stores to my room. As soon as everything was brought in and opened up I ran over to the bath and set up a nice bubble bath. And I have got to say, oh man that felt amazing laying in that, especially since I prolly put to much of the bubble stuff into the water. So laying in there for a little but enjoying the sensations I filled up my courage, grabbed my new pink razor, and began shaving the upper parts of my legs. Not enough courage to do my full legs. Also prolly should have trimmed my hair before doing so, got pretty messy lol.
After what felt like forever of basking in the lovely water I dried off, slipped my new butt plug in place along with a new pair of pink panties. These would not be the last pair of the night. What followed next was a great montage of trying on every new and old piece of clothing that I had. Switching out my wigs and breast forms depending on each outfit. And I have to say I really ended up liking how the dark red looked on my head. Sultry and hot. Actually ended up sleeping with it on but somehow tore up the cap doing so.
This whirlwind of outfits went on for a few hours until it was time for the top event of the night, the brand new 8 inch dildo that was staring at me all night long. Not gonna go into great detail here but wow pouring that jizz-lube on top of it had me aching. I don’t consider my self gay, I just don’t find guys attractive, but cocks are whole a different thing. To me I am imagining them attached to a beautiful woman, sissy, or even a feminine crossdresser, but never a man whenever I’m lusting over them. What followed was toe curling excitement and fun that I tried to keep going as long as possible. Then it was over and as usual I feel a little guilty and try to clean up. But this time I was staying in my fem persona, refusing to get changed or lose the wig. And what followed this actually had me laughing slightly.
I layed on the couch, turned on the TV and ended up watch cartoons and shows from my childhood. Not on purpose, I just happened upon the Nick at Night and such channels, and I’m so glad. Every part of me was feminine yet I was completely comfortable and enjoying the things I loved and missed from my childhood. Rocket Power, Victorious, Zoey 101, Hey Arnold. All while all I could smell was the heavy Victoria Secret perfume, had to keep brushing red hair from my eyes, felt the weight of boobs in my bra, felt the sheets on my shaved legs beneath my flirty skirt, and licking my plumped up lips reminding myself of all the makeup I still had on. Yet with all of this I felt content and not in a sexual way.
With two hours left to rush out of the room, I woke up with another outfit on and the red wig still attached, I had such a sound sleep that night, and went on my way. I will admit I did have a small purge and dumped some of my clothes and other items, but it wasn’t too large of one this time.
And so here I am a few months later and completely amped and anxious for another adventure. Probably in 2 to 3 weeks I’m gonna attempt all this again. I already got most of my shopping spree done so this could be much more of a spur of the moment type thing, but there is already room for more clothes even though I actually think I have more womens clothes than guys in my closet. Now I just have to get myself into wearing them all more often.
So I hope who ever is reading this enjoyed my tale. I just had to tell someone all about this little adventure and figured well why not on here. Also if you have any ideas for my next time or about my storytelling style please let me know. Thanks again.

Goals of the Year

I know I’m a little late for new years resolutions, but I do want to set up some goals to aim for this year. Some of them are minor things that I hope over time will make femininity more routine for me and really immerse myself in the fem world. While others will be major mile stones I’ve been desiring for a long time and will finally try to push myself into accomplishing. I will try keeping updates on these maybe every month or so, or atleast set up some checklist. So here are some goals in no particular order:

1: Beauty Regiment for Better Softer Skin.
Really need to begin taking better care of my skin and want to achieve soft smooth skin of a girl. So this means applying moisturizers daily, better sleep, getting rid of acne, etc.
2. Grow a Booty
Now I know this one will take some time to achieve, but I really really want to grow a nice round booty. Once achieved, its something that will always remind me of my journey and fem self. And hopefully should really accentuate my female body, help pushing over the line from male to female. Now to achieve this means a lot of working out, mainly squats, along with eating the right foods and healthy fats to gain some weight down there. I want that cute bubble butt not small, tight and toned.
3. More Playful Colors
I want to start incorporating more playful colors to my wardrobe. Much more pastels. My general style is very much around natural and neutrals colors so there is alot of room to expand. I’m not planning on a complete overhaul, I do enjoy the natural color style, but am definitely looking for nice fun colors to compliment them, or to make the outfit “pop”.4. Shaving
Been wanting to do this one for a while, but could never give myself that little push. I want to shave my entire body from the neck down atleast once this year. Besides this big step I want to begin keeping my face completely shaved at all time. One problem with this is that my facial hair does grow fast; patchy but fast.

5. Feminine Haircut
I always end up letting my hair grow out but it always just becomes a mess and then I get tired and chop it all off. I’m not talking about very long hair sadly, but I guess what would be considered short for women. So this time when it gets longer I want to take a day to go to a salon and get a nice feminine haircut, maybe with some coloring also. Sadly I know I won’t be overly adventurous with this one, partially due to work, so I’m looking towards something androgynous that I can style into something more fem for shorter periods.

So atleast this is a start. I’ll probably edit my list at some point, adding to it. Now for the tougher part of actually following up on all these.
If anyone has any suggestions or advice please feel free to share. Thanks everyone and I hope you are doing well with your own resolutions and goals.