Starz Caption Contest Entries

So I entered the new Starz Caption Contest. This one’s theme is Athlete, which in all honesty is one of my favorite styles of girls. Its about where I aim to get my body to. I know it can never be a truly chic feminine body, but maybe a lean athletic girlish build. Here’s hoping. Also it sets up such delicious story lines.

Well without any more wait, here are my caption entries. Enjoy!

Basketball GameBrainwashed Bimboed CheerleaderBuddy CheerleaderCheer Camp

Goals of 2017 (Updated 6/26)

Posted this back in January on Blogger so I figured now that I’m moving it to this site I’ll update it with where I am at now. Everything in Purple is my update on my current progress on said goal. Hopefully in a few months can update again and actually complete some of them. 

Okay so here goes the traditional goals of the new year. Hopefully by putting them out there it will keep me driven towards them and feel more responsible for fulfilling them. So here it goes:

1. Post More Content

The most important goal. I really need to start posting more to this site. I’m working on some captions now. Hopefully I can get a good archive made up within the week or two that I can start trickling out on a consistent basis. Also want to start working on a roadmap/challenges section that guides myself and others down the road of feminization.

(6/26): Have entered a couple of caption contests recently and am currently working on a few captions as I type this. As for the roadmap/challenges, I’ve come up with a few, but am still a few ways off of anything cohesive to post. Maybe by end of July.

2. Trachea Shave

Okay so I know this is a big one and don’t have the money for it just yet but it is something I’ve been wanting to get for some time now and need to start making it a reality. If possible it would come more towards the end of the year. I really need this if I want to be able to fully pass. My adam’s apple is far too obtrusive at the moment and such a bad giveaway.

(6/26) Sadly no progress. Finances keeping me down at the moment.

3. Finish First Feminine Cosplay

Random I know but another thing I’ve been thinking of for a while and want to make a reality. I’m in love with the cosplay community and how girls can change themselves into the characters I love. So naturally I want to join in. Slowly to start off, just one or two for the year. Maybe more if I get on a roll. To start I’m thinking of definitely Android 18, maybe Raven from Teen Titans.

(6/26) Assembled most of the costume for Android 18, but a bit hesitant about wearing it out. Maybe with an added red scarf or something. Need to look into a different character that hides me more, such as Raven to a degree.

4. Publish My First Book

Another large goal but something that needs to happen sooner than later. I’ve been planning out a few stories over the past months and now want to turn atleast one of them into a full fledged book published onto Amazon.

(6/26) Have one book fully outlined and have begun writing it. Fleshed out the ideas for four more books, some with nearly finished outlines.


I want a sweet girly butt. Something that will remind me of who I am at all times.

(6/26) Got back into working out, but still a long ways to go.

6. Everyday Makeup

So this is a tough one. I’m still not well experienced at applying makeup so that will be the first step. Once I get a hang of it I want to start wearing some traces at all times except for work. Initially just some foundation to even out imperfections, then light lipstick and eyeshadow, then onto eyeliner and mascara. By the end of the year I want my face completely made up before I start the day. Nothing dramatic but more natural I guess.

(6/26) Been practicing off and on, but still lots of room for improvement haha. At least have had my face fully made up a few times when I went out to stores or for walks so there is some improvement.

7. Hair

So this is a multiple part goal and one I have made steps towards already. First off would be to be completely shaved at all times. I have done this a few times in the past year but need to keep it up. Next is to grow my hair out and achieve a feminine hair style. Again made some headway here also. Got it cut a few weeks back into kind of a pixie style, albeit shorter than I desired. But its looking like a good base to build from for the rest of the year.

(6/26) Since it’s summer now I’m still nervous to keep everything shaved. BUT, I’ve been growing my hair out all years and the back half is down to my shoulders and the rest reaches my mouth so it’s getting there. Going to get it trimmed and styled next month. Any ideas would be great!

8. Outside Wardrobe

I need to start wearing my vast woman’s wardrobe more often and out of the apartment more. I have for a few occasions with not too many bad consequences so I see no reason to keep myself from experiencing it more. Again, starting more subtely and with very casual clothes.

(6/26) Been out and about with various amounts of women’s clothes I’d say at least 20 times this year so far. Again, haven’t really had too many bad receptions so am working towards wearing more. Even went to my Jury Duty with a woman’s shirt, blazer, and panties on with some light makeup. 

9. Feminine Roadtrip Vacation

Last but not least I want to take a week or so off from work and go on a full woman’s vacation. Figure I can go on a mini roadtrip to another state and stay in a hotel for the time. From start to end though I will only be my feminine self. I wont even bring any of my male stuff with me. If I can pull this off it will most likely be next fall so I can bundle myself up a little to hide some of my masculinity but still warm to enjoy being outside. Maybe I can even get some tan lines out of it all 🙂 . Also considering, depending how my hair is by then, to stopping off at a salon on my way out of town and getting a full makeover. New hairdo or extensions, mani-pedi, Cute makeup, the works. Again though this will require quite a bit of saving money wise that I don’t really have at the moment. So with that in mind some of these goals might have to take a back seat depending how that situation pans out.

(6/26) Again, financially not looking like this is happening this year. Also work has really picked up and can’t really take a week off any time soon so that limits it a bit. But this is definitely something that needs to happen. 

10. Make Friends in the Feminine World

To add to my existing 9 goals, I’d like to make some true friends within this community, both online and in real life. Would love to know someone nearby that I could go on shopping excursions with or fun little trips out in our femme selves. Being a bit of a shut-in kinda limits this goal for me, but thats what this list is about, pushing my limits and normal self for something new and possibly better.

So there it all is. My 9 main goals of the year. Hopefully every few months I can put an update post on my progress and any new goals that arise. Now I just have to stick with them, the hardest part, especially the first goal. Really need to start focusing on the blog more and I promise I will this time. No more slip ups!!